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You can find the best spices and the best seasonings for your cooking right here. We are proud to provide fresh, quality spices, herbs and seasonings for over 30 years. No matter what your cooking passion is- baking, grilling, preserving, or cooking for your family, you can shop for spices knowing that you will have the best in your cupboard.

Fresh Spices

Our spices and herbs are packed all week long, every week in order to bring you the best seasonings. Whether they are whole, ground, seeds, or blends, they will be fresh and flavorful, and at affordable prices that will keep you coming back for more.

Quality Ingredients

When you shop for seasonings you want quality ingredients. Our fresh seasoning blends like Meatloaf, Lime Chipotle, and Alaskan Salmon Seasoning are fresh and take the guesswork out. Our proven blends are customer favorites and include directions for usage. We all provide seasonings to restaurants and breweries- so maybe that special meal you had while dining out had a bit of The Olde Town Spice Shoppe in it. Our Applewood Smoke Rub is used by many restaurants, as well as our famous Greek Seasoning. We also provide special blends that you can purchase here- so you can cook like their Chefs. Try the Old Millstream Potato Seasoning, and Magpies Spice Blend!

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