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Barbeque (BBQ) Spices, Herbs & Seasonings

Do you know the “thrill of the grill”? Americans love to grill and it has gone beyond fixing dinner; it’s a passion! You want the best spices for barbecuing for your grilling creations and you’ll find them here.

Chicken BBQ Spices

Chicken and Turkey grilling and baking should be begin with brining and Best Turkey Brine is a great, all-around brine to use to make your bird more juicy, moist and flavorful. Quebec Chicken Seasoning, Roast Chicken Seasoning, and Buffalo Chicken Wing Seasoning are tasty blends to try.

Pork BBQ Seasoning

Since pork tends to be salty, our pork seasoning blends are lower in salt, but deliver robust flavor. Pork Rub is a customer favorite. They rub it on tenderloins, ribs, pork chops and more. Brown Sugar and Honey Seasoning is great on pork, bringing a touch of sweetness to enhance the pork flavor.

Beef Spices for Barbecuing

Burger and steaks are grilling favorites and we have many seasonings to choose from- all fresh and of the highest quality. Quebec Steak Seasoning, St. Lawrence Steak and Shake on Steak Seasoning are all very popular for fresh beef steaks. They can also be mixed in with your burger blend or sprinkled on top.

Our house Rib Rub blend is award-winning and customers love to rub on their beef ribs the night before grilling.

Whether your grilling on the stovetop, in the snow, or a summertime backyard gathering, our spices for barbecuing will help you experience the “thrill of the grill”!

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