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The Olde Town Spice Shoppe™
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We're a family-run spice shop located in historic St. Charles, Missouri.

With over 50 collective years spent in the grocery business and avid family cooks, we bring our passion for food to the shop. We truly believe family, friends and food create great memories.

We seek to bring affordable, fresh and quality ingredients for your cooking, including food spices, teas and gourmet food items. Our barbeque rub made especially for ribs is award-winning. Other items like our fresh vanilla beans, seasonings blends, Greek seasoning and bulk teas bring our customers back again and again.

The Olde Town Spice Shoppe™ is located in the home of one of the first physicians in St. Charles County, Mo., built in 1811. The brothers, Dr. Millington and Dr. Seth were famous for their botanical gardens and also owners of the castor oil factory. They planted approximately 50 acres of the castor bean plants which was grown and pressed into castor oil in 1802. St. Charles became the center of the castor oil industry.

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