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Best Spices for Chicken

Chicken enjoys a center stage role in savory dishes around the world. Bake, broiled, fried, stewed, fricasseed, roasted the list goes on and on. This simple bird can be dished up fancy, deserving of a Presidential feast, or rubbed with a blend of spices for chicken and propped up over a beer can for a more casual affair. Talk about versatile!

Brining Before Adding Chicken Spices

In talking about the best spices for chicken, most times brining is the first step that is often overlooked. A brine is a salt and herb bath that the chicken marinates in ahead of time that helps to break down the meat proteins and produces a more moist and flavorful bird. After brining, chicken spices and marinades are used as normal. If I see anyone come to our counter in the store talking turkey or chicken, I always remind them to brine!

Most Popular Spices For Chicken

Popular spices include many seasoning blends that take the guesswork out of the equation for you- such as a Poultry Rub that includes a mixture of spices and herbs, including sage. Sage is very often paired with poultry. Our Quebec Chicken seasoning is one of the best spices for chicken. It has ground vegetables, herbs, and spices that you will want to rub on the outside and inside of your chicken before cooking. The vegetables in the rub round out the taste, giving you a flavorful chicken either roasted or grilled.

Chicken Seasoning Grill N Bake and Garlic Herb Rotisserie Rub are two more great spices for chicken that feature garlic. Start with a rinsed and dried chicken, rub on a little olive oil (optional) and then rub in one of these great seasoning creations, then pop it back in the refrigerator for about one to 3 hours to let the spices sink in. Grill or bake until done and you will have your own flavorful creation!

International Chicken Spices

Other chicken spices include Tandori Seasoning. This one is customer favorite and a great way to recreate the taste of Indian Restaurants without a tandori oven. You just mix it with yogurt, marinate, and grill or bake on a raised rack. It is one of the best spices for chicken. Serve it up with steamed veggies and rice, it's a meal your whole family will love.

Include a taste of the Islands when considering chicken spices, Caribbean Jerk and Jamaican Jerk seasonings. These blends of peppers and spices are popular rubbed on the chicken, then grilled. It's known for its smoky, hot and spicy taste. If you want to turn down the heat, try Blackened Seasoning for your chicken. It's one of the best, all around spices for chicken, beef, and fish. Paprika, onion, garlic and more are blended to provide flavor with a little kick, but just enough. Blackened seasonings are popular in Cajun cooking.

In the store you will often find that our customers are passionate about cooking and hear them sharing their favorites with each other. They can often be heard talking about our Greek Seasoning as one of the best spices for chicken. Everyone rubs a little olive oil on the chicken and then liberally sprinkles on the Greek Seasoning. You can then grill, bake or broil. Our proprietary blend includes garlic, paprika, salt, sugar and other spices that you'll find yourself sprinkling on potatoes, vegetables and more.

Just imagine cutting in to that first piece of steaming chicken, aroma wafting up, and it is melting in your mouth. The best spices for chicken are the ones that you sprinkled on, with love, from The Olde Town Spice Shoppe. Enjoy!