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Best Spices for Grilling

Grilling is the great American pastime! And whether our creations are caressed with grilling spices and rubs, or slathered with a sassy sauce, we will grill just about anything. Maybe you have a small hibachi on the patio, an old-style charcoal Weber, or a smoker - no matter, because you can create your own unique, flamed masterpiece.

First, Brine or Marinade the Meat

To ensure your meat is juicy and tender, start with a brine (such as our Best Turkey Brine for birds such as turkey and chicken), or a marinade for beef and pork. These tasty liquids help to break down the meat proteins ahead of time and infuse flavor in to the meat. In most cases, the best spices for grilling can also be made in to a marinade by adding oil, water, and vinegar. Customers often use our Italian Salad Dressing Seasoning as their meat marinade, and our Burgundy Pepper Marinade.

Season With Grilling Spices and Rubs

We provide grilling spices and herbs to a number of restaurants and micro-breweries around the country, as well as thousands of family tables and our Applewood Smoke Rub is one of the best spices for grilling. Rub it in to pork tenderloin, thick chops, or a plump chicken and toss it on the grill. You will love the smoky flavor.

Other great grilling spices mixtures include Brown Sugar and Honey, Shake on Steak, Greek Seasoning, and our award-winning Rib Rub. We recommend lightly oiling the meat, then rubbing in the grilling spices and rubs a few hours ahead of time before grilling.

Don’t forget that Low-Salt and No-Salt varieties are out there if you are trying to reduce or eliminate your salt intake. No-salt Garlic Pepper, No-salt Greek Seasoning, and Montreal Steak, Salt-free are some of the best spices for grilling with flavor, and without the salt.

Grilling Vegetables

While you’ve got the grilled fired up, add your vegetables! Try adding asparagus, sweet potatoes, and zucchini lightly oiled and dusted with your favorite seasoning and grilling spices. Make sure and cut the veggies in large enough pieces to hold up on the grill, or put within foil or a grilling basket so that they don’t fall through the grill. Vegetables usually go on later in the grilling process since they will cook faster than most meats.

Barbeque Sauces

Have you tried the newer, silicon grilling brushes? They hold the sauce and allow for easy brushing while the meat is on the grill, without burning the brush. And clean-up is a breeze! Barbeque sauces, like your preferred grilling spices, can vary according to the region of the country. Spicy, sweet, smokey, or hot, sauces come in all flavors. Make sure and add the sauce AFTER the meat has cooked most of the way through over a low-to-medium grill. You don’t want the sugars burning and changing the sauce flavors. Be adventurous and try something new!

Grilling Dessert

Have you thought about grilling your dessert? Our Fruit Griller Rub is great for pineapple, peaches, and more. A combination of sugar and spices is rubbed on the cut fruit, which is then placed on the grill. The sugars caramelize, and the spices are toasted and heightened. Grilled pound cake is another great idea. You can grill the slices directly on the grill, then top if off with those fruits made with sweet grilling spices.

Whether your grilling adventure is on the back patio, at a tailgate, or in your kitchen on a stove top grilling pan, there are endless options!