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How to Season Fish

What is the best seasoning for fish is a common customer question. Narrowing it down to the type of fish you plan on serving is the first thing before we can talk about how to season fish.

Best Seasoning for Fish Steaks

Meatier fish options like swordfish and salmon can take a heartier fish seasoning without overbearing its flavor. The Olde Town Spice Shoppe proprietary Alaskan Salmon Seasoning is a great place to start. The blend of paprika, herbs, spices and salt enhance the fish. We recommend sprinkling it on the salmon fillet, topping it off with some lemon slices, and wrapping it in foil before placing it on the grill. This blend definitely is a customer favorite.

Fish Seasoning for Lighter, Fish Fillets

Lighter fish, like tilapia, require a lighter fish seasoning such as Fish Herb Seasoning as not to overshadow the fish. The seasoning is ground more finely, the flavors are more delicate. You will see dill, kelp, marjoram, and other spices help the fish taste shine. Known to be the best seasoning for fish, don't forget to add it to your bread crumb or cornmeal for a great fry coating.

Seasoning Shrimp

Seasoning Shrimp is becoming more popular and can be steamed, fried, baked, or added as a meat ingredient in many dishes. Check out our television clip for a Shrimp Boil with Old Bay Seasoning. It's so easy, yet so good! This fish seasoning provides the great flavors of turmeric and paprika, which provides a mellow, smoky flavor in a quick recipe that includes potatoes, corn, onion and few other ingredients. It's also great in hamburgers and meatloaf.

If you've purchased uncooked shrimp, enjoying them seasoned and cold is a great option. You can learn how to season fish, because itís so easy! Just add hearty Shrimp Spice to your simmering water and briefly cook the shrimp in the seasoned water contained in a cheesecloth or spice bag. A hot tea infuser works well for this also. Then remove only the shrimp and plunge in to a cold water bath to stop the cooking. Enjoy the spiced shrimp with cocktail sauce for a great appetizer or light dinner course.

Everyday Fish Seasoning's

Additional fish seasoning's include Blackened Fish and Seafood/Fish Seasoning. Just lightly coat the fish with olive oil and seasoning of your choice, and fry in a non-stick pan or in aluminum foil on the grill. And for an everyday favorite, Tunafish Seasoning is added to a can of tuna and mayo for a tasty lunchtime sandwich or added to tomato for a light salad. Onions, garlic, carrots, and spices turn that sandwich from ho hum in toìhow about that!

Check out your deli counter or even the frozen food aisle for great fish options. Many times fish is flown in weekly/daily and can eat trout and other fish merely hours old. These special seasonings and tips on how to season fish and cooking options will surely enhance the flavors.