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Best Cooking Hack: Soup Bases

Want to know a secret? Soup bases. Yup, that’s it. Think of them as flavor-bombs of deliciousness! Some call them boullion. Some package them in little cubes. But we provide them granulated so you can stir it in to just about everything you eat. We have it in a variety of flavors including ham, beef, chicken nd more.

Try adding it to your beef, pork or chicken gravy or sauces to give it “more meat” flavor.

chicken dinner with gravy






Sprinkle Ham Base in to your green beans to add a rich, pork flavor. No bacon needed!

green beans





And when you’re boiling potatoes, add Chicken Base to the water. The potatoes will absorb some of that rich flavor. Additionally for mashed potatoes, add chicken base to the milk and stir to combine, then add to the potatoes to be mashed. Again, flavor explosion.

boiled potatoes

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