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Stuffing Balls – Thanksgiving Leftover Treats

Thanksgiving provides us many joyous moments each year, but one of our favorite parts are all the leftovers and we found a delicious idea for all that leftover stuffing/dressing you may have… Stuffing Balls! Shaped like meatballs and perfect for dipping into that leftover gravy as well.

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Christmas Time means German Springerle Cookies

    Two hard-to-find ingredients are popular with our customers this time of year….Bakers Ammonia and Anise Oil (of course we stock it). They are the coveted ingredients for German Springerle Cookies. These cookies take a bit of a commitment to bake, but well worth the effort.

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Praline Mustard Bacon Wrapped Dates

Dr. Pete’s Praline Mustard glaze is a delicious southern classic that goes way back and it’s a definite customer favorite around here! Most customers love to use it as a delicious glaze to put on your holiday baked ham, but here is one of our favorite recipes

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We Love Ina’s Mulled Wine

We love famous home chef Ina Garten around here and one of our favorite holiday season recipes is her Mulled Wine, but we use our special recipe Mulling Spice in it as well! Simple to make and a definite crowd pleaser that will warm up your guest’s

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Party Favorite: Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

This recipe is perfect for a party and will be a crowd pleaser. And best of all it’s an easy & delish recipe that you’ll end up making even for non-party nights! What makes it so simple is using the Wind & Willow Bacon Stuffed Mushroom Cheeseball

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Quackers – Goose Poop Inspired Snack Crackers

If you love our customer favorite Goose Poop Sweet & Spicy Relish you are gonna love their BRAND NEW Goosed Dust! A dry rub version of that deliciously unique sweet. Perfect to use on anything from chicken wings to veggies, but one of our favorite ideas is

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Pumpkin Butter Pie

Here is a deliciously creative way to use our delicious Pumpkin Butter… a Pumpkin Butter Pie! Pumpkin Butter Pie from The Olde Town Spice Shoppe 1 deep dish frozen pie shell 4 eggs 2 cups (about 1 1/3 jars) Olde Town Spice Shoppe pumpkin butter 2 cups

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Is Brining That Turkey So Important?

turkey brining

Many argue the importance of brining your Thanksgiving Turkey, and we say YES you should! Can you still have a delicious turkey without brining? Yes. BUT can you have an even more delicious and especially moist turkey WITH brining? Definitely YES! Two basic things happen to your

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Pumpkin Stuffed French Toast


This morning deliciousness will be a new family favorite Fall food- Pumpkin Stuffed French Toast! Super easy to make with no need for opening a whole can of pumpkin because instead, you’ll use the Pumpkin Pie Wind & Willow Cheeseball & Dessert Mix. 8 thick-cut slices of

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Old Fashioned Popcorn Balls

Growing up we loved Grandma’s Popcorn Balls, a special treat she made for us in the fall and if we were ‘good’ we’d get to butter up our hands and help make them! This simple traditional treat is a tried & true family favorite that will be

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Trick & Treat Cheeseball

Hosting a Halloween Party? Try this fabulously fun idea of turning any of the delicious flavors of Wind & Willow Cheeseballs into a spooky-fun themed presentation! Ingredients: 1 Wind & Willow Sweet or Savory Cheeseball Mix of choice 8 oz cream cheese, softened 4 Tbs butter, softened

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Halloween Style Stuffed Peppers

This fun and tasty Halloween dinner idea is a perfect way to use up leftovers as well. Your rice mixture could be of any flavor style and you could easily use up leftover shredded chicken or pork and veggies! See some of our flavor suggestions below under

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Autumn Roasted Pecans

This delicious snack is perfect for fall nibbling and you don’t just have to use Pecans! We also are featuring our Pumpkin Dust as the ‘spice’ of choice but you could also substitute with Pumpkin Pie Spice or Apple Pie Spice as well. A few simple steps

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Jack O Lantern Hot Dip Bake

This fun appetizer featuring Wind & Willow Hot Dips is a delicious party dish that you’ll want to make every season not just for Halloween!   Just a few easy steps and your family or party will be Halloween dipping in no time! INGREDIENTS: 1 Wind &

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Zombie Wings


It’s the most spooktacular time of the year when our speciality spice blend Zombie Dust hits the shelf, and one of the most delicious ways to enjoy this zesty seasoning is on chicken wings! Super simple and will be a fall family favorite for sure! INGREDIENTS: 1.5

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How To Make Frozen Pizza Gourmet

Frozen pizza is far from being ‘homemade’ but we have some delicious tips to making a decent frozen pizza into a new and family favorite easy dinner night! Dress up the crust: one of the tastiest tips we love is brushing the frozen crust with melted butter

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Homemade White Chili

This classic White Chili recipe will be a definite crowd-pleaser. It also works well if you need to substitute ingredients and you can also use dried onion and garlic in place of fresh chopped with delish results. Ingredients: 1 tbsp olive oil 1 onion chopped small (or

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Chili Powder VS Chili Seasoning

The topic of Chili Powder VS Chili Seasoning comes up almost daily in our Shoppe and it’s not as confusing as some think, so we are here to help better guide you to the right product you’ll want for your favorite chili recipe! Chili Powder Chili Powder

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Chili Secrets For The Best Pot Ever

There are at least a million ways to make a pot of chili and every cook has their own favorite methods and/or secret ingredients, but encase you’re looking for a few tricks to a more delicious pot of chili, we’re sharing some delicious ideas! Secret Ingredients Everyone

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Air Fryer Tips

air fryer simply recipes

Air Fryers are all the rage and there are many good reasons! It’s quick to use and less messy and it is a healthier way of cooking while still feeling like your getting that “unhealthy” crispy crunchiness that comes with conventional fryers.   Here are a few

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