Morning Fog and a Huge Warm Hug

I see this picture and start to salivate. I encountered this warm bowl on the coast of Oregon during recent travels. Think of rich, white clam chowder. Soft chunks of white potato and small, sweet shrimp stirred in, then topped with shredded parmesan and a sprinkling of sweet paprika. Heaven. On. Earth. It’s like the…
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Will Dance for Food

Forever the Food Gypsies, we were in Darby Montana this summer and noticed a window flyer for an upcoming Sacajawea Shoshone Indian event in Salmon Idaho- it promised a dutch oven lunch, Indian dance demonstrations, and more. You had me at “dutch oven”… the food sirens were singing. I don’t know many people that would…
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Come to the Table

Look past all of the unrest and natural disasters. I see a need and wonderful opportunity for all of us to reach out and connect more personally. When I turn off the television, put my phone down and calm my mind, I come back to what every single person on earth has in

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