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Cinnamon Types & The Best Breakfast Cake Ever

cinnamon olde town spice shoppe

Almost daily, we have customers ask us which of our 3 Cinnamon types is the best or our favorite. It’s a deliciously difficult decision but in this video, we break down the basics for you and explain the best uses for each and some flavor profiles. If

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Cornbeef Brisket From Scratch

cornbeef brisket from scratch

Making Cornbeef Brisket from scratch is much easier than you think and definitely worth the little bit of effort! Cornbeef was a cooking tradition that came about out of necessity, a way to preserve beef way back before refrigeration was ever invented. But as with all delicious

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Crockpot Hot Cocoa

Crockpot Hot Cocoa

  This super simple and tasty recipe for Crockpot Hot Cocoa will be your new favorite at the Christmas Party! And so much of making this recipe extra special is the quality of Vanilla you use, which is why we carry a number of different brands including

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Tasty Turkey Recipe

tasty tureky

Need a tasty turkey recipe that also is the hottest and most delicious Thanksgiving turkey hack? The hottest recipe trend to ensure it is moist and tender, like it has been basted continually is cheesecloth! We followed this delicious and simple recipe from Serena Bakes Simply From

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Bootlegger Spareribs Recipe

Bootlegger Spareribs

Bootlegger Pork Spareribs from Cooking with Ry Recently we started getting a flood of Bourbon Powder orders after this Youtube video posted with the fantastic rub uploaded! We suggest you follow his channel to get more recipes! His use of our fantastic and unique Bourbon Powder gives

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Goose Poop Gala and Recipes!

Hopefully you joined us for the FB Live with Sarah, the founder of Gringo Goose Poop! Her pepper relish concoctions (both mild and spicy) are super popular in St. Louis as burger/brat toppers, spooned over cream cheese with crackers as an appetizer, and many side/main dish recipes.

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Italian Salad Dressing Mix Summer’s Secret Ingredient

Italian dressing mix uses olde town spice shoppe

Many summer foods are iconic; BBQ, deviled eggs, fresh salads. And all these classics can get a new flavor boost by simply adding our Italian Salad Dressing Mix as the summer’s secret ingredient!     Make up some of our Italian Salad Dressing Mix according to the label,

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Meringue & Berries, Summer Deliciousness

meringue powder olde town spice shoppe

Nothing says summer deliciousness more than fresh berries; strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. All enjoyed hundreds of ways, but one of the most delicious ways that is often forgotten about is when served over traditional Meringues and using our meringue powder is the simplest way to sweet perfection! Like

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Chicken & Potato Sheet Pan Bake

dinner at the zoo greek chicken and potato sheet pan cooking

Sheet Pan Cooking is one of the easiest ways to make delicious healthy goodies with little mess that your family will love. You could easily make chicken, potatoes, carrots & onions EVERY night of the week but flavor them 100s of different ways!!! The recipe we share

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Sheet Pan Jambalaya

sheet pan jambalya cooking light

One Pan – One Meal: Dinner has never been simpler and more delicious than this Sheet Pan Jambalaya recipe! Although not an ‘authentic’ Jambalaya recipe, it captures all those favorite flavors but not too spicy and your family will it love.            

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Flavor Infused Sugars To Sweeten Your Summer Tea (and other goodies!)

king athur flours flavor infused sugars

Summer Ice Tea just got sweeter with our fabulous flavored-sugar recipes! Below we’re sharing a couple of our favorite ways to bring some more deliciousness to your standard white sugar you add to iced tea and baked goods. Some sugars are best “infused”, where you usually bury

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Easy Cheesecake With Wind & Willow Dips

wind & willow cherry cheesecake

Any day of the year is perfect for cheesecake but Mother’s Day is a perfect day to serve this simple and delicious dessert! And with all the many flavors of Wind & Willow Cheeseball & Dessert Mixes we carry, you could make one a week and have

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Instant Pot Recipes

Our Tuesday night Facebook LIVE events have been so great and so full of information that this week we thought we’d share some basic recipes we discussed to help guide you through the deliciousness. Many of these recipes can easily be tweaked to suit most any of

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Easter Basket Meal Extravaganza

Thanks for joining us on Facebook LIVE and for purchasing our Easter Basket Meal Kit, full of deliciousness! Below are a few documents we thought we’d share to make your day even easier. Find below your Easter Day Menu, an ingredients shopping list and a couple of

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Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bowls

cookie dough icecream bowls

If you’re planning a fun-filled family night-in party, these make-ahead deliciously fun chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream bowls will make the perfect treat. It’s super easy and EGG FREE!                     CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM BOWLS

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Champagne Glazed Ham

The Splendid Table's Champagne Glazed Ham

Holidays call for a special main course, and you can’t get more special than serving up a Champagne glazed ham at your next family feast! We were inspired by a segment on this week’s edition of The Splendid Table (a fabulous cooking program on NPR, National Public

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Warm Crab Dip – A Holiday Party Favorite!

warm crab dip

This is one of our favorite holiday party dips! It’s from our friends at Goose Poop, they call this Goose-Goon Dip because it tastes deliciously like crab rangoon, with a slightly spicy kick. It features their Spicy Goose Poop but it’s surprisingly mild and not surprisingly so

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Anise Biscotti

anise biscotti

Ground Anise with its licorice-like flavor profile is often confused with Star Anise or Fennel, but make no mistake it is definitely its own wonderful stand alone spice. Also known as ‘aniseed’ or ‘sweet cumin’, ground anise is grown from a plant in the same family as

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Candied Pecans

Candied Pecans

We made a delicious batch of these candied pecans and was surprised at how simple it ended up being! These would also make the perfect little edible gift to share with neighbors, just fill a mason jar and wrap with a ribbon. TIP: you can add 1/2

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Crispy Anise Christmas Cookies

Martha Stewart's Crispy Anise Cookie

Anise is a herb seed with a distinctive licorice-like flavor. A traditional ingredient in old world recipes for cookies, candies, sweet pickles and in it’s whole form as a beverage flavoring. But we especially love it in this favorite recipe from Martha Stewart! Fresh out of the

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