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Team Member Training

Team Member Training

All About Us

Being apart of the Olde Town Spice Shoppe team means you’re a part of a family. And our family history is the foundation of this long time small business and it’s continued success. It is essential to your own success as a team member and to ensure you are providing the customer accurate information, that you become fully knowledgeable in our history as a business and as a part of St. Charles historic district.

This course will allow you to learn about our origins, our mission and our on going development as an active and successful part of a vibrant and historic business district.



The Olde Town Spice Shoppe

The Olde Town Spice Shoppe has been around since 1984. It originally began upstairs in a shop location down the street, but came to this location in the late 1980’s.

The Urbanowicz Family purchased the business and father, John Urbanowicz was the ongoing manager for 20 years.

John and Carol (Urbanowicz) Hurst now own the business. Often times customers come in looking for Carol specifically. Should anyone call or come in looking for Carol the appropriate answer is “Unfortunately she is not available right now. And honestly the best way to reach her is you can email her directly” You SHOULD NEVER tell anyone that she is away/on vacation for the sake of security to our apartment and the business after hours.


Our Advantage over others:

We have many aspects of our business to offer our clients that sets us apart from others.







FRESHNESS: We pack our spices every single week. Our volume of sales and inventory management practices (first in/first out*) also means the product on the shelf is only the freshest.

QUALITY: Our ingredients are top notch and sourced from within the USA when possible. We stand behind our items and our packaging  and inventory management means that every items is traceable, should an issue occur. Even little operational steps like batch codes on the labels when packing, mean we can ensure quality to our customers.

HISTORY: We have been in business on Main Street St. Charles for 25 years, that’s more than anyone else and our long time loyal customer base and long time team members speaks volumes at who we are as a business . We sell mostly to home cooks, home bakers and the weekend hunters; but we also sell to numerous regional and even national restaurants, small business looking to private label a special blend of their own & competition barbequers.

EXPOSURE: We are very fortunate to be invited to do guest segments about food and cooking, on various StL morning tv shows multiple times a month. This TV schedule of cooking segments aired to the STL metro area shows that we have credibility as a go-to resource on all things delicious and trendy. We frequently have write up features in various news and periodical publishing. We also have an extremely large email subscriber list and a substantial following on FaceBook and Instagram.

PART OF THE COMMUNITY: We currently are a main sponsor the Foundry Art Centre Nutcracker Tea for kids every year. We do give donations of product to local charity events but there is an approval process with steps for submitting requests. As you can imagine due to our location and reputation we get numerous requests a week for donations. We also take pride in supporting our own neighbors by hiring “local” whenever possible. Over the years we have also served on numerous boards and volunteered for multiple committees.

AWARDS: We have received the St. Charles Retailer of the Year Award

SHOP LOCAL: We are proud to feature many local small businesses and represent their products. You will find a separate lesson later on,  to learn all about our fabulous local vendors.

GREEN: We work very hard and are intentional about the 1000’s of pounds we recycle each year of paper, cardboard, plastic and glass. Our seasonings are packaged in recyclable packaging and we try and “reuse” existing recyclables in our outgoing shipping as much as possible.

CUSTOMIZATION: Since we are a small business, we are more nimble and capable than most. Which means we also go above and beyond for our customer’s requests.  For many years we have developed proprietary spice blend orders,  customized packaging and labeling for special requests, and worked ‘outside of the box’ for our customers. We can easily create or match special blends for customers upon request and often times we fill immediate orders of special size amounts while the customer waits. Customization also means Personalization!


Our Mission Statement to Our Customers:

Our mission is to help our customers better enjoy time with family and friends through food.


The Reason’s Why We Think Folks Should Shop OTSS

We realize that many of lifes’ most precious memories are with those you care the most about while gathered at the table. Whether it’s a Little League cookout celebration around a picnic table, the Thanksgiving table with family and friends, or blowing out the candles for a birthday celebration, food is always there. Maybe it’s a favorite, traditional family recipe, something that peaked your interest in a magazine, on Pinterest, or from a friend, or your own unique food creation. Our spice shop has been an active part of our communities’ kitchens for over 30 years. We love to help by offering advice on how to cook a particular dish, find a recipe or search out a gift for that special person on your list.
Our herbs and spices, sauces and marinades are hand-blended to enhance your cooking creations. When you buy spices online with The Olde Town Spice Shoppe we bring you the freshest, quality spices and seasonings. And our gourmet tea blends, whether in tea bags or loose tea, are widely enjoyed iced, or hot.
Whether you are looking to buy herbs online for your soups and stews, seeking to buy spices for your secret BBQ rub recipe, or want raw honey and homemade apple butter- we have it all for you right here, and more.. Come see what’s new!


The Building’s History – 332 & 334 South Main Street

This same building was also the first post office of St. Charles. Over the years it has also been a barber shop and an antiques store.

Dr. Millington had this building built in the early 1800s. He was a local doctor and grew castor oil beans. He was the nations top producer of castor oil.


Historic Main Street St. Charles

Deemed and protected as a historic district, Main Street bloomed again in the 1980s with revitalization efforts from a group of dedicated building and business owners.

There is a North Main end of the street and a South Main side. Both include retail businesses, restaurants, and bars, but South Main is managed to maintain a more historic village feel. The ‘line’ between North and South Main is at Jefferson Street.

Click HERE for an on-line map of the Main Street businesses.

The KATY Trail is along the East back side of Main Street, along with Riverside Park.

Popular festivals and events that heavily increase our in-store traffic include: Oktoberfest (Sept.), Festival of the Little Hills (Aug.), Legends and Lanterns (Oct.), and Christmas Traditions (Nov & Dec.)

We keep a supply of Main Street St Charles maps on hand to share with customers. Maps for the street are created by the Tourmism office and there is usually a Spring edition and a Fall edition. We display these maps near our front door. The backstock is kept under our counter.


History of St Charles

Founded in 1769 as Les Petites Cotes (“The Little Hills”) by French Canadian fur trader Louis Blanchette. The Spanish government controlled the Mississippi Valley between 1762-1800, and for a dozen years “The Little Hills” became “San Carlos Borromeo.” In 1804, on the banks of the mighty Missouri River, Lewis and Clark met here to begin their westward expedition. Shortly thereafter, the city became known as “Saint Charles.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Boone and his family built a homestead in nearby Defiance. His Booneslick Road later become the eastern starting-point of the Santa Fe Trail and the Oregon Trail. Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable, the “Black Frenchman” who founded Chicago, lived the last 10 years of his life in Frenchtown and died in 1818.

Also in 1818, Saint Philippine Duchesne established the first free girls’ school west of the Mississippi. It’s not surprising that statesmen decided Missouri’s First State Capitol should be here, between 1821 and 1826. Click HERE to learn more about the first state capitol.  Lindenwood College, a landmark private fine arts school, was founded in 1827.

Throughout the 19th Century, German settlers developed a wine region and brought their food, fellowship and commerce to a booming pioneer town. During the 20th Century, residents worked to preserve homes, stores and streets from every period.

As destination for almost one million visitors each year, Saint Charles history comes alive to welcome you. So join us and experience the charm and beauty of a city that has been welcoming visitors since 1769. CLICK HERE for a few suggested historic sites to walk to in our district. 


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