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Team Member Training

Team Member Training

Employee 101

Being a part of our Olde Town Spice Shoppe team, you are more than just an employee in some retail shop! You are helping to make memories in households across the region; your friendly assistance in the shop, your knowledge and passion of food you share, your helpful suggestions of new items or old traditions to help make their dishes even more delicious are also helping to make memories around a families dinner table!

In order to prepare you for these moments we need to start with the basics. The following is a listing of basic expectations to help you best prepare your self and the shoppe for the busy day ahead.





Although we are a casual environment, it is required and essential that all team members present a clean and professional appearance at all times. Below you will find a helpful guide to use as reference. It is also required that a Shoppe Apron be worn at all times, this is to ensure the customers can obviously and easily identify who is an employee and it’s also to protect your clothing from the occasional spill.












Below are some key steps to the start of your day here at the Shoppe, that you will be further trained on and expected to preform daily.

  • Arrival times & shift starts
  • Employee parking (daily parking and special event/festival time suggestions)
  • Back door security (code and day-lock procedure)
  • Storing your personal belongings
  • Signing into ipad (clocking in for the day)
  • Turning on lights
  • Turning on music
  • Counting in cash drawer and establishing the POS system for the day **
  • Preparing sample stations
  • Unlocking door (make sure you have all things on and in place so that you can immediately begin customer service)
  • Placing out signage, updating information as necessary
  • Restocking and refilling of front shelf inventory (packing procedures)**
  • Quality check of merchandized displays and identifying/rectifying needs
  • Warmly greeting each and every customer!



Most days we can not predict customer traffic flow or what requests they may bring, but we can be prepared and stay prepared throughout the day by maintaining not only the inventory but also by being willing and ready to help to the best of our ability, enjoying the challenges and making the most out of every customer exchange.

  •  Customer exchanges should always include:
    • A gracious welcome
    • A willing helpfulness
    • A sincere thanks of departure
  • Customer Sales**
  • Informing yourself on new products in-store
  • Self educating on more unfamiliar products
  • Be prepared to give directions and information on tourism related topics and questions **
  • A tidy space is a more pleasant shopping space!
    • The checkout counter should always be kept clutter free and ready for customers to pile on their purchases.
    • Floors should be always kept swept and clutter free.
  • Inventories should be managed
    • Keep refillables (ie: teas) filled above half
    • Keep spice shelves ‘fronted’ and ‘identifiable’
    • When restocking, make sure to ‘rotate’ inventory
    • Shelves and containers should always be clean. stained, broken, spilled items should be removed immediately
    • Special merch displays should be monitored
      • Limited time items should adjusted as supply dwindles
      • Sparce displays should be reconsidered
  • Take steps to reorder asap, when necessary (inform management of low inventory)
  • Keep sample stations clean and refilled
  • Keep areas clean and clutter free (both front of store and back of store)
  • Working on online orders **
  • Working on packing **
  • Take notice of customer requests or trends in actions in stores. Communicate things you notice that may be needed, helpful or being requested to the manager.



  • Clean up and next day prep of sample stations
  • Signage in & updated if necessary
  • Counting down of drawer and closing out POS system
    • vault
  • Clean up & trash
  • Music & Lights off
  • Locking up of front and back door, security system


** indicates a more detail Lesson on this subject to follow.

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