What did you say you did with the Moth Away; the item you put in the closet to keep the bugs away and smell good?

A great smelling and natural alternative to moth balls and drawer sachets is our popular "Moth Away" product. A mixture that includes lavender and cedar along with other ingredients, its great-smelling as well. I use it two different ways. I take the bag that it currently comes in, poke a few holes in it toward the top and thread the bag over the top of a hanger through one of the holes. It just hangs in my closet, imparting a great smell. The other way is to take a knee-high panty hose and pour the Moth Away in to it. Tie a knot at the top of the knee high and toss the sachet in to a drawer, on to a closet shelf, under your car seat and a million other possible places!

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