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Fish In Paper – Simple & Delicious!

In this video, we show you how simple it is to make a classic fish dish called “Fish en Papilliote”, Fish in Paper, a delicious and more healthful way to prepare almost any fish and the easiest dinner to clean up from ever!

Take a 12″ square sheet of parchment baking paper, then simply layer veggies, your fish, one of our amazing seasonings, and a small pat of butter or drizzle a little olive oil and then fold up as shown in the video below. Bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes and viola’, an amazing dinner with no messy pans to clean up!

I used our Freshwater Fish Seasoning in this, but our Lemon Herb Seasoning, our Alaskan Salmon seasoning & our Fish Herb Seasoning would all be guaranteed deliciousness!

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