General Tsao Sauce


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General Tsao Sauce is delicately balanced with slightly sweet, spicy and tangy flavors. An enticing combination of soy sauce, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, onion and garlic. Among the most popular and tasty of Asian sauces. Uses: Use as a dipping sauce for egg rolls, wontons or pot stickers. Great as a marinade for meat, seafood or poultry. Use as a base for an Oriental salad dressing. Add to favorite pasta salads. Great tossed with roasted vegetables. General Tso's Chicken RecipeIngredients 2 Boneless Chicken Breasts (cut into bite sized pieces)2 Tbsp. Oil (Peanut works best)4 Tbsp. Iron Chef General Tso's SauceAdd Broccoli and Cooked Rice for a complete meal.Directions Heat oil in skillet and stir fry chicken until fully cooked.Add General Tso's sauce and stir fry chicken until evenly coated with sauce (30 seconds).Garnish with broccoli.Serve over white rice.

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