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Tasty Turkey Recipe

tasty tureky

Need a tasty turkey recipe that also is the hottest and most delicious Thanksgiving turkey hack?

The hottest recipe trend to ensure it is moist and tender, like it has been basted continually is cheesecloth!

We followed this delicious and simple recipe from Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch and had a winner on our hands and tables.






turkey rub

Just fit your turkey for a 4 layer blanket of cheesecloth. Submerge cheesecloth in melted butter (with addition of preferred herbs and seasonings we recommend our Honey Turkey Rub or our Lemon Herb Seasoning ), cover the turkey and bake. Baste during baking. Remove cheesecloth carefully after 3rd hour of baking and discard. Finish baking as normal.


We carry the cheese clothe in store too, so just give us a call 636-916-3600 and we can add a pack on to your order asap.

Viola’ – Tastiest Turkey Recipe for the holiday season!

cheese clothe turkey

We got this recipe from one of our favorite god blogs to follow:

Serena Simply Bakes From Scratch

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