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What To Do With Calendula Petals

calendula-olde-town-spice-shoppeYou might have recently gotten a sample of our dried Calendula Petals, and wondering what to do with them now? Well here are a few tasty ideas you might like to try!

The Calendula is the cousin of the Marigold, both bright sun-loving members of the Sunflower (Asteraceae) Family but only Calendula is the safest choice for eating as an edible flower. Not all varieties of Marigolds are safe for consumption.

Most often in our shoppe, you’ll find Calendula petals as an accent in many of our tea blends, but you can use them in savory dishes as they add a mild saffron and peppery/bitter flavor accent. Plus they add some lovely color to the dish.




We add 2 tablespoons of Calendula to 1 cup of rice when cooking for a colorful addition to asian dishes and Paella.

You can use in garden salads as well as mixed salads such as grain and potato-based salads for a more colorful and flavorful addition.

You could use in your lemon breads & cakes for a bright addition!

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